Frequently Asked Questions

Why we created AE Network?

We launched the Angel Effect Network to bring the knowledge, experience and capital accumulation of business people, leaders of the corporate world and representative of traditional economy, to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our goal is to perform all operations in a single center in the investment processes, to help you complete the processes easily and quickly and to create a basis for your participation in the investment tours in low amounts.

What is syndicate investment?

A syndicate is a single-deal fund created to invest in a startup. Syndicates pool capital from multiple investors into a single fund. Angel Effect Network is a free syndicate investment network where you can access various deal flows and invest individually without ticket size limitations.

Why you should join?

Membership is free, the only requirement is to be included in the tours you want to enter according to your interests. We have an operation team of 12 working on finding initiatives, evaluation, summary report for investment decision, managing investment processes after the investment decision and portfolio management services.

By joining our member network;

  • You can access and follow the next generation of technology initiatives that will shape the future business world forming Angel Effect’s venture pool.
  • You can access the investor summary report, investor presentation, business plan and all other details of the enterprises seeking investment from a very different point of view.
  • Whether or not Angel Effect makes an investment decision, you can individually invest $5,000 in ventures that operate in your area of ​​interest and belief.
  • You can get support from Angel Effect’s operations team in all investment processes.
  • You can add value to your ventures after Angel Investment’s high-impact mentoring, business and investor network.
  • Both Turkey can be met with the angel investors have invested in many of the world as well, you can listen to their experiences on this journey first hand.
  • You can join the Angel Investment Academy organized by Angel Effect.

What is Angel Investment Academy?

Our goal is to bring new angels to the entrepreneurship ecosystem under the leadership of experienced angel investors. To this end, we are building the Angel Investment Academy, where you will be able to experience the angel investment journey here.

What is the minimum amount of investment?

Members vary according to the need for investment opportunities, but the lowest investment is $5000.

Can I invest in the startup I want?

Members choose the startup they would like to invest in, themselves.

An investment summary report, an investor presentation and a business plan are also provided by Angel Effect to support them in making investment decisions.

AE Network

An angel investment network where you can access various deal flows and invest individually without ticket size limitations